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How to Store Jewelry Correctly And Safely

How to Store Jewelry Correctly And Safely

Diamond rings should be treated as the top members of the jewelry family  because they are connectes to sweet memories and special occasions in which they were received.

How to Store Jewelry Correctly And Safely

But you should take mindful care of your jewelry so that those memories can continue to shine through them for years to come.


Most people have a misconception that diamonds are indestructible. Did you know that under the right conditions, diamonds can actually be scratched or chipped when proper care is not taken? 

Diamonds Are Not Indestructible After All?

You read that right. Even though diamonds are the hardest substances known to man and are stereotyped as one of the “most powerful” materials, they can still get “hurt”. The best method for storing jewelry is to have proper individual storage space allocated to each piece.

When stored in a protected and controlled environment like a dry box, the condition of your diamond jewelry will not deteriorate with time since they are kept away from harsh chemicals and humid environmental conditions.

This may be a feasible solution for people who are happy to lock away their beautiful diamond rings and jewelry somewhere safe for the long term. But what about people who want to wear their jewelry on a daily basis and require frequent access to the storage? Is there a more convenient solution for them?

How Can a Diamond be Hurt And How Can I Prevent It?

First of all, I recommend that you store your diamond ring in a separate jewelry box. This is important especially if you own other types of diamond jewelry. While diamonds are incredibly hard and tough, they can get scratched by another diamond that comes into contact with it under the right conditions. One great way to minimize such problems is to have proper segregation and compartments in your storage.

How to Store Jewelry Correctly And Safely

What Can I Do to Protect My Diamond Ring?

Basic common sense will tell you that you shouldn’t be wearing your diamond ring when doing manual work with your hands. For example, you should remove your ring when performing physical work like gardening or heavy lifting to put them out of harm’s way.

Simple gestures, like taking your ring off before doing the dishes or taking a shower can help extend the lifespan of your diamond jewelry. The logic here is pretty straightforward. You want to avoid knocking the ring against hard surfaces and keep them away from harsh chemicals.

When you are cleaning your jewelry, pay attention to the type of solvent and chemicals you use. Although diamonds are chemically inert, this doesn’t mean the settings they are mounted on have the same properties. Chemicals, such as chlorine might cause fading and oxidation of certain jewelry metals.

Also, you want to be mindful about the type of jewelry you are cleaning. Jewelry which bears a mix of diamonds and other precious gemstones usually require special cleaning techniques. For example, ultrasonic cleaners which are suitable for diamonds may cause gemstones like opals to shatter!

What to Do When the Damage is Already There?

How to Store Jewelry Correctly And Safely

Depending on the severity of the damage, you might want to consider re-polishing or re-cutting your diamond. Personally, I won’t worry too much about cosmetic damages like fine scratches unless they cause a visible loss of luster. However, in cases where a diamond is chipped, it makes sense to correct the damage immediately in order to prevent further damage propagation.

By taking care of your diamond at home and seeing your jeweler at least once every year, you should be able to keep your diamond jewelry in stunning conditions and pre-diagnose any potential problems before they get out of hand.

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