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Short skirts are back, and shorts are being promoted as a cool, stylish alternate to skirts and slacks for girls this summer. Anklets, in the sense of short, lightweight socks worn with shoes or sandals, are back, also. These styles aren’t right for everyone, to be sure. The attention of those styles is on lovely legs and graceful ankles. The inevitable next step is, naturally, to find ways to decorate those attributes with jewelry. Basically, jewelry has been incorporated into the shoes. While ankle bracelets , on their own, are a perennial favorite in shore locations, they have yet to be consistently popular in large fashion. This year, their existence in the April 2010 issue of Elle magazine indicates that they have become more widely accepted. It seems that the door is available for jewelers to create much more substantial styles of jewelry to wear round the ankles compared to the delicate variations shown in Elle. As the ankle boots are inspired by jewelryjewelry may be inspired by ankle boots shoes.

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Elle also exhibits on the page a variety of chunky chain link bracelets. Notice to the clever fashionista: One bracelet might be connected to another so as to attain the chunky chain link womens bracelet look around the ankles in the length that you need. If the length of 2 bracelets isn’t quite appropriate, your jeweler probably can help out with taking away the excess links. Wear these with your own wardrobe of pumps to produce your very own trendy model of anklet heels.

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Fashion Designer Jewelry • June 6, 2020

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