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Reviewing Malinas Handmade Jewelery

Malina’s handmade jewelery collections are just simply phenomenal. The ranges of beads and different types of earth rock available, can only be described as like wearing unique art on the body. The style of jewelery is very creative and of great quality. I love that every jewelery item has a name, riddle or story behind it. This fascinating concept makes each jewelery item feel personal.

I wore this necklace with a low v neck strap bodysuit and a cocktail dress. The necklace made the main focus of my neckline and complimented my metallic body art. Stunning piece, very easy to wear and definitely made me stand out from the crowd! This sort of necklace would look beautiful with any low cut top or dress, for any occasion.

I was complimented several times about the necklace, which was really nice.

This necklace is called Sarah and comes with a riddle that just wowed me.



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Sarah also comes complete with a golden clasp and chain with adjustable length giving the necklace an elegant finish, that sits comfortably on the neck line. RRP £99.00

Sarah is made with golden and brown beads form a lace effect material, using a bead weaving technique. Whilst the golden beads and long black crystals on the end create an Egyptian feel, when I put Sarah on I felt like the Egyptian goddess, Cleopatra.

You can also purchase a matching bracelet.



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Fashion Designer Jewelry • June 27, 2016

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