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New Arrival: Coffee Diamond Collection

New Arrival: Coffee Diamond Collection

What will you think when comes to colored diamonds? Blue, pink and yellow? Now, how about diamonds in the color brown – in the color of richly flavored coffee beans, a delicious bar of chocolate or sizzling champagne? Doesn’t it sound fascinating?

Naturally, most diamonds are brown in color. It is only in the recent times that brown diamonds have come to the limelight and have gained popularity both among jewelers and consumers. They are also more easily accessible than pink, yellow and blue diamonds.

New Arrival: Coffee Diamond Collection

Angara’s all-new Coffee Diamond collection features alluring natural brown diamonds in shades that range from a delightful light brown to a rich deep brown. Sensuous, bold and enticing, the pieces in our assortment are an amalgamation of premium craftsmanship and unique design. There are exquisite rings, alluring pendants and tantalizing earrings.

The jewelry in this collection exhibits a unique and inducing coffee flavor that is sure to captivate the senses. Exuding remarkable splendor and glamour, each piece is designed to make a powerful impression. The designs in which the brown diamond is accented with sparkling white diamonds and other colored gemstones such as aquamarine, morganite and tanzanite look surreal and oh-so-stunning.

Our Coffee Diamond collection is wide enough to cater to every style and taste. There are simple and elegant designs as well as strikingly luxurious pieces. Floral patterns, fluid swirls, charming hearts and endless infinities are some of the prominent design elements. You’ll also find pieces in which the brown diamonds are placed in a black rhodium-plated setting for an added tinge of mystery and sophistication.

While brown diamonds look the best in combination with rose gold, you can also choose from other metals such as white gold, yellow gold and platinum. At our online jewelry store, you also get to select the quality of the natural brown diamond according to your preference and budget.

A piece from our Coffee Diamond assortment will make a breathtaking addition to your jewelry box as well as an extraordinary gift for a loved one. So what’s keeping you waiting, go ahead and browse through our Coffee Diamond collection for a luxurious and exotic jewelry indulgence.

Coffee Diamond CollectionNew Arrival

Fashion Designer Jewelry • February 22, 2017

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