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Jewelry Arts of the Kingdom of Cartier

Cartier continues to have innovation and vitality wiyh the management of Louis Cartier. Louis innovative jewelry design style, which is the creation of jewelry and watches have a huge contribution, laid a good foundation for a new form of precious goods market.

In 1942, three brothers in their efforts, fine jewelry, watches and accessories becomes a Louis Cartier died and his brother Jacques in succession by the major arts guided Cartier love bracelet family . In the same year, in order to support the freedom of the French army in World War II, Cartier launched the “caged bird”. This jewelry design symbolizes the French occupation. 1944 Cartier to celebrate the liberation of France has launched a “Free Bird” jewelry design. During the same period, the freedom of the French army by the rank insignia Lundun Ka Cartier responsible for the design and manufacture due Jacques Louis Cartier died in succession. Cartier in the global business gradually spread out.

Cartier – after four generations after the art of jewelry watches has continued to build up the Kingdom to people all over the world exudes incomparable charm, Cartier took over by entrepreneur Robert Hocq, he was determined to continue to enhance the prestige of Cartier bangle worldwide to expand the outstanding achievements and extraordinary impact it has made, and will be leading this great development potential of the brand and further developing the 1967 London designer from fake Cartier watch together severely damaged in a road accident in shape achieved a new inspiration, Cartier “Crash” watch was born. Since its table Technology needle surface twisted chic style, has grown up to be a favorite of collectors and collections.

Cartier love braceletKingdom of Cartier

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