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Parking out from the parking lot, but a total of five minutes of road. “Hello, thanking you in advance” that kind of thing is repeated no fewer than a hundred times. NPL orderly work environment and staff simple and capable of dress so I do not consciously wake inexplicable ups and downs since the days of work and sleeping nerves took delivery to the director of personnel through special encryption process NPL task force staff card, I then realized that he’s about to enter, it is a bottomless huge whirlpool.

While shrill female voice mixed with a special fragrance reached my eardrum. I pass through the crowd, I saw senior manager Alex Yiyi and Administration Department and the young women who had never seen a tall stand full of coffee stains, coffee table porcelain pieces, the atmosphere was very tense.

This time, so many people are very unusual seating area, there must be the case. Hopefully not a bad thing “Alex, things like this, I have to be very formal and sincere apology, which is related to my personal dignity, companies face a major event. I can accept the heavy work, but was despised, and I was totally not acceptable.”

I cannot predict my fate, like a dewdrop can not decide their next moment in the sun; a leaf can not decide their next stop in the bleak autumn wind. Too many stories will be staged, too many conflicting interests will emerge, the face of this a tempting cake, how many people are gearing up, and there will be many people because of this project to meet the new life of ups and downs ups and downs.

“How, What happened? “I eagerly ask Alex. Derek is not in the country. How this can be good? “Alex uncharacteristically muttering, I feel bad,” in the end is how? You quickly say, but also what bend around, a lot of work has not started, you found what a mess? “cartier-love-bracelet-22

I was recently seconded to the project because the new Cherie NPL special research team responsible for financial operations, related parties reluctant to project staff, that is, financial commissioner I officially employer company. What problems we sit down and talk.Alex, could I trouble you for my trip to the Commissioner, to Givenchy’s store to buy a set of clothes, autumn and winter series of like, what size you just reported my name, but I remember the size of a smaller size. Money credited to my account. ”

“Well, Yu sister, oh no, Mr. Chen. I press the command over to director Derek NPL development department to send data, came in too anxious, my left wrist was scratched at the lady of paper bags corner, very sincere lady apologized, I did not seriously leave. Then out from the Ministry of Development, took some to turn to Derek to London by colleagues afternoon files, because too many files I was too anxious, it met the lady, and her hands spilled coffee himself. I am very sorry, and asked her to help find someone to clean up the apology, the results lady said I was deliberately non-retaliation for her, she must and my boss interview. We had a falling out.

I did not wear out too. Her dress, with her dress, and she appeared occasion, I cannot help her to produce disgust. But before her identity not clear, I cannot act rashly. If he is a director or daughter’s lover, so unfortunately, I have to like the boss who is good or bad, regardless of flattery, like an eye, close one eye, promising to Yiyi Yiyi must swallow a return “This young lady, I’m sorry to bring you unnecessary trouble, but I think there must be some misunderstanding.


“Well, Miss Good eloquence before to take this project is also filled with hope, and seeing the full Zaoxin thing. Really strange, so the quality of staff actually makes such a big company operating today, have to say that the business community of the miracle, it seems that China is full of “miracle” of the place. ”

After listening to my orders, Alex as Amnesty, turned around to leave this dangerous place. Crowd, but also because I lost the spectacular arrival of spirits, they quickly dispersed. Cleaning aunt also started picking up the pieces, “the manager look good, at a glance is Givenchy, taste good, but far backward in the eyes of the employer, so all hands little girl to do your commissioner, I do not know what her life repair a blessing. Oh, forgot to introduce myself. I’m Wendy NPL special research group 4A consulting group ”

“Happy right now. Nevertheless, Miss remark poor men, and I’m just some knowledge of fashion, to put it bluntly point can only be seen a pig run. People are not err, integrity busy season, mistakes are inevitable, I acted Yiyi the manager made clear again, however, a person is good or bad is not a word you say, right? ”

“You say that” miracle “, I think this really is.NPL leadership position in the industry is in a company, actually hired a team to participate in such quality research, really surprised me. I thought a lot and the world’s top companies will reap 4A, now very disappointed. “

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Fashion Designer Jewelry • July 7, 2016

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