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Global Island Treasures: the Jewelry Talent 2017

Global Island Treasures: the Jewelry Talent 2017

Want to know where the real talents from? People say that such treasures are hiding in the depths. Like the real pearls. Well, maybe today we will be convinced of this.

How is your weather today? In my city it’s still cold and cloudy. But today I do not really feel it. After all, today I will tell you about the brand, about our second participant in our Jewelry Talent 2017 international design contest. And this designer gave me a piece of summer this morning. First of all, these jewelry inspired me to breathe deeply and to plunge in the world of islands and ocean for a few hours. Today I am telling you about Global Island Treasures. A brand that breathes with tropical world, naturalness and magic. I hope you will appreciate their work as well as I do.
By the way, you still can take your part in this incredible project!

Global Island Treasures: the Jewelry Talent 2017

Global Island Treasures jewelry designer, Donna Gray, is working with Tahitian, South Sea, and Freshwater pearls. Her goal is for designs that one can wear with one’s elegant dresses, jeans, or bikini. And everything in between.  It has been said of her designs:

These are not your Grandma’s pearls!!”

And that’s what I tell you – Donna does her best. Just look how unusual Global Island Treasures jewelry could be combined with an evening dress. These adornments will become the main highlight of your evening image. And, I think, will make you mysterious and original. After all, these models do not look typical and even already boring pearl jewelry. Also they are simple and therefore fascinating. Furthermore, they are so close to nature and I won’t stop repeating it.

Finally, Donna Gray had quickly discovered a genuine passion for working with pearls:

Pearl is the oldest recognized gem in human history, the only truly organic gem, and is available in an amazing array of size, shape, and color.”

By the way, you should know that pearl jewelry are attributed to the jewelry of happiness because they “destroy” a negative force of the Moon, bring to its losing of the false illusions. In addition, they can also improve your health. So just like any gemstone, pearl jewelry you can use not only for creating a unique image, but also for some healing.

Pearls call us to the sea, to adventure, to romance…

And Donna thoroughly enjoys discovering new ways to combine pearls into unique designs. So that from the simple to the sublime. It is also fun to find interesting yet wearable ways to combine pearls with other gems and semi-precious stones. Global Island Treasures often draws inspiration from the many places around the globe that Donna has visited, including many lovely islands.

Global Island Treasures: the Jewelry Talent 2017

Global Island Treasures began less than three years ago as a one-time fundraiser for Sparrow’s Wings, the nonprofit organization Gonna Gray founded to help needy children. She made a few pieces of pearl jewelry and took them to an event at the local hospital. This, frankly, is a very important moment at the expense of this brand. Pearls, as well as many other natural gems, have properties to remember emotions and energy of the jeweler and then move them to every new owner. Just imagine this pure and kind energy that is filling all bracelets and necklaces from Global Island Treasures.

Donna Gray is a member of the Cultured Pearl Association of America, and she continues to donate a portion of profits to Sparrow’s Wings.

What began as a one time event has grown. Global Island Treasures pieces are now worn across America, and in Canada, Europe, and South America. They can be found in a few boutiques across the Southeast, a leading art museum shop, and will soon be in a leading local art gallery and through Facebook.

Global Island Treasures: the Jewelry Talent 2017

The story of the Global Island Treasures brand, its mood, designs and energy that I feel even through the screen – this is what really catches. Today I told you the story of Global Island Treasures jewelry. I acquaint you with them, and honestly, I do not want the end of this story. Donna, I want you to continue creating and sharing with the world your special talent. Talent, which you decided to share in our international design contest Jewelry Talent 2017 . Thank you! This means a lot for us and for our subscribers.

Global Island Treasures: the Jewelry Talent 2017

Global Island Treasuresthe Jewelry Talent 2017

Fashion Designer Jewelry • March 24, 2017

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