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Different age women how to choose the right Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry

Different age women how to choose the right Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry

Fot these twenty-year-old girls, romantic style of the fake Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry is very suitable, take into account the personal character as well. Avant -garde jewelry style generally ingenuity, great personality, suitable for lively, playful girl. If the ruddy complexion then use crystal jewelry on the appropriate, and then wear a thin gold necklace will become even more charming.

Romantic jewelry is generally equipped with a bow, petals and other romantic style, very smooth and soft lines, especially for medium size, but has a beautiful doll-like eyes; Secondly, it is best to wear tight, A large ripple Of the lace to do decoration, coupled with the design of the earrings, and thin, beautiful pendant diamond necklace, it will be the most perfect match.

For those 30-year-old woman who has married, a high-grade dark Van Cleef & Arpels gemstones natural elegance jewelry, will let you become more stable. Woman more beautiful and moving, if matched with natural generous diamond earrings, certainly more to highlight the elegant, luxurious temperament.

Different age women how to choose the right Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry

For the 40 years old,  thet are mature and stable, to wear some of the calm style of gold jewelry, or a little more dignified color gemstone jewelry The best, avoid the dress is too flirtatious, the main people will feel and Its age is not coordinated.

40-year-old woman with jewelry need to pay attention to, as orthodox, refined, elegant Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry replica for face correct, elegant urban women to wear. Generally close to the neck of the pearl necklace, or a sub-coin -sized button earrings, etc., are also with the classic type, or texture of high-end, straight cut clothing match, this dress can reflect the traditional We lady like demeanor.

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