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Sales of anklets and ankle bracelets

Short skirts are back, and shorts are being promoted as a cool, stylish alternate to skirts and slacks for girls this summer. Anklets, in the sense of short, lightweight socks worn with shoes or sandals, are back, also. These styles aren’t right for everyone, to be sure. The attention of those styles is on lovely…

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Cartier Love bracelet gold statements can be subtle or quite bold

For Valentine’s Day, would be cupids will likely attempt to send pulses racing with jewelry that’s red or shaped like a heart. One of the most famous is the often copied open heart designed by Elsa Peretti for Tiffany. The simple heart, which appears to float on a chain, has become a classic. “In most…

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Yellow Gold Ring :A rich, Luxurious Colour And With The Right Design It Has Untold Beauty

We’ve always thought that Yellow Gold works well as Wedding bands, but if choosing a White Gold engagement ring then your choice is generally limited in colour. The popularity of  White metals such as Platinum, Palladium and White Gold has increased significantly with diamond rings in recent years, whereas Yellow Gold seems to have been pushed aside…

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Let Diamonds Show Your Beauty On April

If you live in the UK, and it gives us the only legitimate day of the year to play practical jokes on people in favour of April fools. If you were lucky to be born in April your birthstone is the Diamond. So what do we know about April? aside from it’s the 4th month…

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