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Cartier 18K Yellow Gold with Diamond, Ruby & Sapphire 3 Rolling Bands Ring Size 5.25

The bezel is the very best part of a ring; it may just be a flat table, or it might be made to hold a stone or another ornament.The earliest present rings are those found at the tombs of ancient Egypt. The Egyptians primarily used signet, or seal, rings, where a seal engraved on the bezel may be used to authenticate documents by the wearer. Egyptian seal rings typically had the name and titles of the owner deeply sunk in hieroglyphic characters on an oblong golden bezel. The ancient Greeks were more likely to use rings only for decoration, and in the Hellenistic period the bezel started to be used to hold person cabochon stones, such as carnelians and garnets, or vitreous pastes. In Rome rings were a significant symbol of social status. In the early centuries of the Roman Republic, many rings were of iron, and the wearing of gold rings was restricted to particular classes, like patricians who had held high office. But by the 3rd century BC the chance of wearing rings had been extended to the class of knights, or equites, and from the 3rd century AD, during the Roman Empire, practically any person except a servant was permitted to wear a gold ring. The Romans are also believed to have originated the custom of betrothal rings, or engagement rings, representing a promise of marriage to a member of the opposite sex.Throughout the European Middle Ages the signet ring has been of fantastic value in religious, legal, and commercial transactions. Even the Roman Catholic church conferred episcopal rings upon recently appointed bishops, and so-called papal rings were awarded by popes into cardinals. An enormous papal ring called the Fishermans Ringmade of gilded bronze and bearing the image of St.

Should you focus only on the diamond if buying an engagement ring, its like considering the icing rather than the wedding cake. The diamond might be the most delicious element of the ring, however, the foundation that holds it all together is every bit as important.Should you elect for a ring made from precious metalsgold, silver or platinumor a different, more contemporary metal? Each metal makes a statement about your fiance-to-bes style, and each has benefits for appearances, sturdiness and cost. To assist you pick the ideal metal for an engagement ring, think about your options.Platinum was a popular metal for jewellery until the 20th century, when the metal was taken off the market for military use during wartime. That gives you a sense of how lasting platinum is its shiny and lovely, but its a workhorse. In the past few decades, platinum has reappeared as a top pick for engagement rings and other jewelry.Platinum has a soft white colour. Its 30 times more rare than gold (which implies its more expensive) and 40% heavier than 14K gold plus it doesnt tarnish or oxidize. Because of its hardness, the details of engraved or embellished rings often look sharper and more exact when done in platinum.Most British Crown jewels are made from platinum. Platinum is mined miles underground, primarily in South Africa and Russia.Gold has always been a standard for participation and wedding jewelry, as a result of its naturally warm, yellow hue and gorgeous luster. Gold engagement rings are intimate and timeless.Gold purity is measured in karats (not to be mistaken with carats, a measure of gem weight). Karats are broken up into 24 parts, so 24 parts of gold called 24K gold is pure.

Investors at the mines wanted to increase the demand for their product by perpetuat[ing] the illusion of scarcity of diamonds. In the 1940s, De Beers was able to do this with four little words: A Diamond Is Forever.The slogan and wise marketing campaign that accompanied it essentially changed the way Americans (and subsequently much of the rest of the world) courted. Diamonds have since grown into an entire industry, not just centered on engagements. Jewelry companies are now pitching anniversary rings as well as also the right-hand rings for women who just don’t want to wait.There’s been a concerted attempt to target same-sex couples in recent decades. With the legalization of same-sex marriage has come the rise in a new type of engagement ring. More than 70,000 legal same sex marriages have taken place within the previous ten years, and companies such as Tiffany & Co. are helping many of them “adopt of that conventional sense of the engagement,” as Jeffrey Bennett, a vice president at Tiffany, put it. Tradition, we have seen, could be whatever the marketers need it to be.Diamond rings would be the epitome of the commodification of what even our deepest feelings in modern society. It’s probably no coincidence that diamonds turned into a woman’s closest friend after De Beers started their marketing blitz.It might appear obvious, but diamond rings aren’t a crucial part of a union or just a wedding an idea that is catching on. Vogue notes that many couples are opting for nontraditional rings with stones such as sapphires, a trend jewelers have shown to (and popularized by most women such as the Duchess of Cambridge).

It is a very personal thing. Diamonds, unlike all other stones, are framed by so standards of quality: clarity, cut, color, and carat. However, I feel those standards aren’t sufficient, because the emotion you feel from a stone is very different from math or chemical makeup. Thats what makes the stones special. In Cartier what makes a diamond quite Cartier is a sense of proportion. Its not always in line with the standards mentionedsomething perfectthough of course, we enjoy perfection. Diamonds that match the criteria perfectly can absolutely be a supply of emotion. But in a few cases, your emotion stems from other standards, or a mix of all those standards, because each cut is different: You have distinct pear shapes with different proportions and based on weight, even if the cut is similar, you may have a different understanding of the diamond. Thats the perfection of a diamond is a really delicate topicits more about your own taste. How many times have you ever been to a bar and noticed that a guy checking out that all-important finger? As if he’d want to talk to you knowing you already belong to someone else. Films and TV shows depict the engagement ring almost like a deterrent; at New Girl, Daisy wears a ring in bars so she doesn’t get hit, while on Scrubs, Carla felt awful because no guys would talk to her while wearing her engagement ring. The ring signals a clear “taken” standing to guys everywhere.Also debatable is the tradition that men buy the ring at the first place. Never mind the fact that women in their 20s without children prime candidates for engagement out-earn their male counterparts.

Incessant Facebook photographs are just one reminder of the significance of engagement bling. 1 look at Pinterest informs us people place a lot of significance on the rings, maybe more than other aspects of an engagement. Actually, 80% of suggestions today comprise a diamond engagement ring.While the idea of using a costly piece of jewellery to commemorate a lifelong commitment is a nice sentiment, there’s a good deal more to diamond engagement rings compared to love. In fact, love has basically nothing to do with rings at all. Cartier has occupied its gorgeously-appointed flagship atelier in Paris since 1899, but the real magic is upstairs at the Cartier archives, a carefully guarded space that documents centuries worth of iconic designs. That is the reason it was a big deal when we convinced the home to allow a Cartier historian give us a tourand let us view the sketchesand a few significant sales receiptsthat have defined the tribe that is iconic. This is what this multibillion dollar industry doesn’t want you to know about participation rings.Expensive engagement rings have been linked to greater divorce rates.Spending two months’ salary (or any other ridiculous sum) within an engagement ring isn’t only the norm, it’s expected. But unless your monthly earnings are less than $1,000, that might not be the best choice, at least based on a study out of Emory University this September. The study, from Andrew M. Francis and Hugo M. Mialon, surveyed 3,000 heterosexual spouses and discovered that “marriage length is inversely associated with spending the engagement ring and wedding ceremony.” Especially, those who had spent $2,000-$4,000 were 30 percent more likely to get divorced.

Cartier 18K Yellow Gold with Diamond, Ruby & Sapphire 3 Rolling Bands Ring Size 5.25 Features:

Brand: Cartier

Yes, officer, thats mine too, I eventually said.I slipped it on my finger next to my wedding ring, but it felt foreign. I was 25 when my husband proposed to me on bended knee. At the onset, I appreciated the customs of marriagethe formalities, the save-the-dates, along with the diamond engagement ring. It was so grown-up. However, as we spread the good news, all eyes appeared to go right to my knuckle. How many karats? What kind of cut is it? How can it be set? Where did he get it? The questions made me queasy. Can it be ordinary? Too large? Too little? And more importantly: Had everybody who’d ever gotten married taken a course at gemology?These days, diamonds, such as McMansions, seem to be getting bigger and bigger. According to the American Gem Society, folks spend twice as far on diamond engagement rings than they did in 1992. Ostensibly, my ring was a sparkly reminder for my husband of this day that he asked me to devote the remainder of my life with him, but to me it was a reminder of the debt he went into to pay for itas a graduate student, no less.I first took off the ring when we left for our honeymoon in Buenos Aires, a town known for its empanadas, tango dancingand pickpockets. I was so relieved to leave it at home. We sat on the plane, waiting to take off from LAX, married for only 24 hours and wearing two plain, matching rings. They were simple in design and simple in opinion: Our assumed economic status wasnt sitting on my finger; all I watched was a perfect symbol of our commitment and love.
Gender: Womens

Condition: Excellent

Metal: 18K Yellow Gold

Stones: Diamond, Sapphire and Ruby

Weight: 13.5 grams

Note: Includes Box

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