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Excellence workmanship make Miao silverware excel. Of course, all this must not touch the silverware of the overall shape of the premise.
Miao silver in the shape has its bracelet love cartier fake stability, once identified ancestors shapes that can not be altered, often form an important indicator of a lineage.
Miao silver ornaments women love their white, treasure their flawless. Therefore, in addition to processing Miao silversmith silver, silver also responsible for decontamination detergent, Herems jewelry replica  commonly known as “silver wash.” They painted silver borax water with charcoal fire to adhere to the silver oxide layer,how much is a cartier love bracelet replica, and then into copper cooking pot of alum in water, the water wash, and then brush to clean copper, silver that copy bracelet love cartier is bright as new.
Miao silver for its diverse species, beautiful styling and sophisticated technology, not only to the people presents a magnificent and colorful world of art, but also demonstrate a spirit world rich in connotation. Miao silver species more, head to toe, decorated everywhere. In addition to headgear, chest necklaces, jewelry, clothing, ornaments back, waist pendant, but in some places there are foot ornaments.

Ethnic silver – Miao
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Due to the high cartier love bracelet fake demand for silver,cartier love replica, Miao silversmith industry extremely prosperous. Southeast territory only to family silversmith workshop hundred families will dry,  cartier jewelry  replica  worked silverware processing is up to the number of people dry. Cottage passed along most of the father and son combination of mentoring , there are a couple combinations. These workshops are often busy sealed furnace slack parade hammer, neither from farming activities.
In addition to the hammer and anvil are experts in labor, the design is also called the Hmong master silversmith.
The reason, one is Miao silversmith good at absorbing inspiration from women in embroidery and batik patterns. On the other hand, as a member of the branch, but also in order to gain a competitive advantage in the peer,cartier gold bracelet replica, according to Miao silversmith traditions of this department, aesthetic taste,  Cartier jewelry  replica to pay attention to details or partial characterization of innovation.

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