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7 Jewelry Resolutions for 2017

7 Jewelry Resolutions for 2017

Most of our goals center on health, finances and the likes in the new year, it would also be great to focus on other often ignored areas such as jewelry. Here’s a list of 7 resolutions that will help you step up your jewelry game to the next level.

Resolution 1: Indulge in statement pieces

If you have been coveting those sapphire earrings or that diamond pendant will have enough time. Go on and make them yours. Invest in pieces that look stunning and also reflect your style sense.

Resolution 2: Clean your jewelry on a regular basis

Clean your jewelry, which including your wedding and engagement rings at least once in a month. This will ensure that your precious possessions remain sparkling all around the year.

Resolution 3: Experiment with your look

Are you someone who likes to play it safe by sticking to diamond jewelry? Well, it’s time to move on. Add a pop of color to your wardrobe with colored gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires and more.

Resolution 4: Put on jewelry the last

Heading out for a party or a social event? Make sure that jewelry is the last thing you put on. The chemicals in your body creams, makeup and hair spray can dull the sparkle of your fine accessories. Use them first and wear jewelry as a finishing touch to your look.

Resolution 5: Invest in versatile designs

Apart from really expensive indulgences, also shop for pieces that can be easily worn for work, a night out with the girls or any other occasion. It could be a pair of gemstone studs, a minimalist pendant, an effortless bracelet or an elegant stackable ring.

Resolution 6: Keep your jewelry collection organized

Store your jewelry in a neat and organized manner to ensure that they remain beautiful forever. Place them in separate pouches or different compartments in your jewelry box to prevent scratches. Also, avoid exposing them to excessive heat and moisture.

Resolution 7: Shop more jewelry online

Buying jewelry online is both fun and effortless. The collections available are wide and unique, making it convenient for you to choose a piece that blends with your personality. Angara offers an extensive assortment of diamond and colored gemstone rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets in several fascinating designs. What’s more, the customization options, return and refund policies, and amazing discounts make your online jewelry shopping experience even more delightful.

Jewelry Resolutions

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